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Basic Antennas

Author : Joel R. Hallas, W1ZR
Publisher : ARRL
ISBN : 978-0872599994
EAN : 599994

Dimensions (cm) : 27.9(H) x 20.8(W) x 1.2(T)
Weight (kg) : 0.43

Added To Bookshop : 10/ 12/ 2008


Basic Antennas is a comprehensive introduction to antennas--basic concepts, practical designs, and details of easy-to-build antennas. You’ll learn how to make antennas that really work! This book will provide a foundation in antenna theory and design necessary for anyone undertaking more advanced topics such as those presented in The ARRL Antenna Book.


Dipole Antennas
Antenna Impedance
Transmission Lines
Practical Two Element Arrays
Wideband and Multiband Antennas
Reflector Antennas
Yagis for HF and VHF
Loop Antennas
Antennas for Microwave Applications
Vehicle Antennas
Antenna Measurements
Plus, an Introduction to Antenna Modeling...and much more!
First edition. © 2008, The American Radio Relay League, Inc.

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