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Radio-Electronic Transmission Fundamentals

Author : B. Whitfield Griffith, Jr.
Publisher : Noble Publishing Corporation
ISBN : 1-884932-13-4
EAN : 932137

Dimensions (cm) : 23.1(H) x 14.9(W) x 3.8(T)
Weight (kg) : 4.62

Added To Bookshop : 27/ 1/ 2008


Suitable for the beginning engineer or the engineer who wishes to expand his/her knowledge of radio frequency concepts, the book is also appropriate for the professional who has never studied calculus but wants to become skilled in RF fields.
The Fundamentals are discussed in four major parts:
Electrical networks Transmission lines Radio antennas Radio transmitters
650 pages. Second edition, © 2000 (First edition 1962), by Noble Publishing Corporation.

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