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Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio

Author : Rob Brownsten K6RB & Jim Talens N3JT
Publisher : ARRL
ISBN : 978-1625950024
EAN : 950024

Dimensions (cm) : 23.3(H) x 15.2(W) x 0.5(T)
Weight (kg) : 0.13

Added To Bookshop : 15/ 9/ 2015


Don't Just Learn Morse Code, Master It!

Tune in to the low end of any HF band, and you ll find it populated with ham radio operators using Morse code for casual conversations, chasing DX or fast paced contests. They enjoy practicing a skill that they worked hard to obtain a skill not everyone has. You can learn that skill too. If you are new to Amateur Radio or high frequency (HF) operation, or even if you ve been operating HF phone and RTTY but were reluctant to try learning and using Morse code, this book is especially for you.

Morse Code Operating for Amateur Radio is your introduction into the fascinating world of radio communication by Morse code, now simply called CW . It discusses how to get started in the hobby, the advantages to learning and using Morse code, how to set up your station for CW and how to adjust your Morse code key. Learn the protocols and techniques unique to CW operating and gain the confidence to try out your new skills on the air!

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