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Hand-carried QRP antennas

Author : Peter Parker, VK3YE
Publisher :
ISBN : 9781520617602
EAN : 617607

Dimensions (cm) : 27.9(H) x 21.5(W) x 1.0(T)
Weight (kg) : 0.49

Added To Bookshop : 20/ 3/ 2019


Whether through choice or circumstance, more radio amateurs than ever before are enjoying portable operating.

Suitable equipment is widely available but what about antennas? Manufactured antennas exist but only some suit lightweight portable activity. And, it's easy to overpay for something that's too heavy and too lossy for successful QRP.

Hand-carried QRP antennas takes the mystery out of portable antennas. After inviting you to assess your needs, it discusses the pros and cons of popular types. Its style is brisk and practical with almost no maths.

Many ideas for cheap but good materials suitable for portable antennas are given. Beginners and those returning to radio after a break should especially find this section handy.

Finally there's construction details on a variety of simple but practical antennas and accessories suitable for portable operating. All have been built and tested by the author over almost 30 years of successful QRP activity.

Hand-carried QRP antennas is available in both ebook and paperback formats. It's the author's second book, following on from the top-selling Minimum QRP, released in 2015.

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