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RF Components and Circuits

Author : Joe Carr
Publisher : Joseph J. Carr and Elsevier Science Ltd.
ISBN : 0-7506-4844-9
EAN : 648448

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Added To Bookshop : 27/ 1/ 2008


A comprehensive introduction to designing and understanding RF circuits.

RF Components and Circuits covers the practicalities of designing and building circuits, including fault-finding and use of test equipment.

The RF circuits covered in this book are the heart of the electronic design of TV sets, personal mobile radios, remote control systems, mobile phones, and digital TV and radio, making it essential reading for radio and electronics engineers, students and advanced electronics hobbyists.

Joe Carr demystifies the RF design process, presenting real-world design principles, tips and rules-of-thumb with a minimum of mathematics. By explaining how different circuit types work, and how they can be modified, Joe provides a masterclass for electronics experts and newcomers to RF design alike.

Some basic knowledge of electronics is assumed, but the essential features of RF are fully described, including the important topic of receiver dynamics which is often overlooked in basic textbooks. The theory and circuit descriptions are geared toward genuine design applications rather than the oversimplifications and skeleton circuits of many college texts.

During his career, the late Joe Carr was one of the world’s leading writers on electronics and radio, and an authority on the design and use of RF systems. Whether you are looking for a complete self-study course in RF Technology, or a concise reference to dip into, this book has the solution.

416 pages. First edition, © 2002. Reprinted 2005 & 2008

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