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HF Radio Systems & Circuits

Author : William E. Sabin and Edgar O. Schoenike, Editors
Publisher : Noble Publishing Corporation
ISBN : 9781884932045
EAN : 932045

Dimensions (cm) : 1.0(H) x 1.0(W) x 1.0(T)
Weight (kg) : 1.00

Added To Bookshop : 19/ 2/ 2010


HF Radio Systems & Circuits is a comprehensive reference book for the design of high frequency communications systems and equipment. To create this book, editors William Sabin and Edgar Schoenike directed a team of experts consisting of the best high frequency communications engineers in the world - the staff of the Collins Radio Division of Rockwell Corporation.

Formerly published as Single Sideband Systems & Circuits, this revised edition has been re-titled to more accurately describe the wide range of its content. Any engineer working in radio communications, regardless of frequency, will find plenty of useful information in this book.

??? Hardcover: 672 pages
??? Publisher: Noble Publishing Corp; 2nd ed(1998)
??? Language: English
??? ISBN-10: 1884932045
??? ISBN-13: 978-1884932045

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