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Getting Started with Ham Radio

Author : ARRL
Publisher : ARRL
ISBN : 978-0872599727
EAN : 599727

Dimensions (cm) : 27.1(H) x 20.5(W) x 1.5(T)
Weight (kg) : 0.39

Added To Bookshop : 21/ 2/ 2008


Select radios and antennas.
Explore operating modes: voice, Morse code, digital and more.
Assemble your station.

Have your license? Get radio-active! Now you can get on the air with confidence. Here, in one place, is help getting started in just about any ham radio activity.

Your First Radio. Advice on choosing a transceiver and power supply that fits your budget and operating style.

The Antenna--The Most Important Part of Your Station. Practical information to help you choose and install economical, yet effective, antennas.

Propagation--The Science of How Signals Travel. Get the most from your station by understanding how HF and VHF signals travel.

Using Your Voice on the HF Bands. Advice on making your first voice contacts.

Code Conversations. Advice on using Morse code on the air.

The Digital Universe. How to set up a station for digital operating.

Chasing Contacts and Wallpaper (awards). Enjoying the sport of on-the-air contesting. Also, earning awards such as DXCC, WAS and more.

FM: "No Static at All." How to operate FM on the VHF and UHF bands (including repeaters).

"Weak" Signals and the World Above 50 MHz. Operating SSB, CW and digital modes above 50 MHz.

First edition, second printing. © 2006. Published by American Radio Relay League (ARRL).

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