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ANZAC Centenary Commemoration

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ANZAC Centenary Activities

Get your club involved today

The ANZAC centenary is very much an occasion for the entire amateur radio community, individual radio amateurs and clubs to participate.

The special state based territory event callsigns VI*ANZAC will be used by many clubs around Australia and they are being encouraged to do so in conjunction with a public event. When the proposal to roster clubs for the callsign was first announced a number instantly had their ideas of how it could be effectively used to help promote amateur radio to the general community.

Some of the early thoughts were setting up portable stations in a local park, a library, shopping centre, school, RSL or having an open day at their club rooms.

Getting started

The first step is to discuss with your club and develop a plan for the type of event that your club may wish to facilitate.
The next step is to decide a date. State based callsigns will be allocated for a week. VK100ANZAC will be allocated for the duration of the event. Some dates may already be booked so please be flexible.
The registration for the State based callsigns is on line at the WIA website.
To register to use VK100ANZAC for an event a submission can be made on line via this website. Details of the event must be provided for WIA Board consideration.

WIA Supported Centenary Activities

The WIA is supporting 2015 ANZAC Commemoration activities by providing the callsigns and infrastructure for amateur radio commemoration events.
The WIA will publicise and promote all commemoration events.

Files For Download

Anzac Commemoration 2015 Plan
ANZAC Commemoration 2015 Plan Version 9a Public.pdf

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