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ANZAC Centenary Commemoration

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ANZAC Commemorative Activity

Opening the Event

The callsign VK100ANZAC will be made active on the 24th April at 16.30 UTC by the WIA with a pre recorded announcement.

This is the unofficial opening of this event.

Ongoing Activities on the 25th April 2015

At each time zone across Australia at 4.30am, the pre recorded message will be repeated by a nominated WIA Amateur Radio station on a rostered basis.

The use of the VK100ANZAC callsign during this period will be for 30 minutes only, to play the recorded message followed by a call back from Amateurs.

No QSL acknowledgements will be provided for this part of the event; however an online log will be maintained so that call back stations will be acknowledged.

Participation of Turkey

Contact has been made with the Amateur Radio Society in Turkey. Our plan is an official opening contact at 25 April 0130UTC involving Turkey, Australia and New Zealand.

This may be via HF if possible and via the internet if propagation conditions do not allow a HF contact. This contact will be available for re-broadcast

The Australian end of this contact and official opening of the event is planned to occur in Canberra at a site of significance if possible (yet to be confirmed).

Phil Wait President of the WIA will be the initiator of this contact with appropriate persons from New Zealand, Turkey and Australia.

Participation of New Zealand

Contact has been made with New Zealand Association of Radio Transmitters (NZART) confirming the plan to commence at 4.30am NZ time for the unofficial opening of this event.

Participation of Other Countries

Other Commonwealth Countries involved in the Gallipoli campaign have be contacted, advised of this plan along with an invitation to participate.

All countries and territories are invited to participate.

The VK9 Islands have indicated their intention to be involved.

Use of AX Prefix

ACMA and the WIA have reached agreement to use the AX prefix for the 2015 ANZAC weekend as a part of the commemoration activities. The prefix will be available from 0001 on Saturday the 25th April 2015 until 2359 Sunday the 26th April 2015.

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