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Date : 25/04/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 144 Hours
Event Name :
Event Organiser : VK4EE David McLean

Event Details :
The activation has been organised by David McLean VK4EE, a proud member of the Biloela RSL, who unfortunately has been called to the Inverell RSL in New South Wales.

However, Jim Grimes VK4OK will have a portable station at the Biloela RSL in ANZAC Park, assisted by Kevin Blanch VK4MKB, Brandon Gordan VK4FABB, and Ian Wells VK4FNAA. Listen for VI4ANZAC on ANZAC Day that will join others on that day.


Date : 01/05/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 24 Hours
Event Name :
Event Organiser : VK4EE David McLean

Date : 02/05/2015
Time : Saturday 2 0001 UTC to Friday 8 May 2359 UTC
Duration : 7 Days
Event Name : Lest We Forget
Event Organiser : Townsville ARC - Gavin VK4ZZ

Event Details :
From the garrison city of Townsville in memory of all who served our nation in a time of great need, this commemorative station will be heard using CW, SSB and the digital modes on or near the recommended frequencies.

All weekend operation is from the Townsville ARC clubrooms, which were the WWII Pacific theatre communications venue. During the week on a rostered basis operation is from homes built on what used to be one of the largest air bases in the Pacific theatre of operations RAAF Headquarters, and adjacent to one of the largest Army bases in Australia today.


Date : 15/08/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 7 days
Event Name : Vietnam Veterans Long Tan Day
Event Organiser : Dale McCarthy VK4DMC

Event Details :
Vietnam Veterans recognising the service of WW1 diggers. Operated from the VK4DMC QTH at Atherton Far
North Queensland.


Date : 26/09/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 120 Hours
Event Name : Operation Jaywick
Event Organiser : VK4EU Wayne Staples

Operation Jaywick was a special operation in WWII. In September 1943, 14 commandos and sailors from the Allied Z Special Unit raided Japanese shipping in Singapore Harbour, sinking seven ships.
The surprise raid was not linked to Australia, and suspected locals faced reprisals instead.
SBS TV documentary 'Australia's Secret Heroes' is at:

Event Details :
The radio club will be at the Z Special Force memorial, Dayman Point in south-east Queensland, the straights Hervey Bay and Fraser Island.
The club had a close association with Horrie Young VK2AMZ (SK), the Leading Telegraphist radio operator with the Jaywick Operation. Horrie donated a treasured piece of the Krait ship hull to the club, and it's now at a local Historical Museum Z Special Force display.

VI4ANZAC will be QRV 80m to 10m using SSB and CW at the park that has the memorial on one day and night with a Hex Beam and dipoles. Further operation will be from club member homes.


Date : 01/10/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 48 Hours
Event Name : Operation Jaywick
Event Organiser : VK4EU Wayne Staples


Date : 12/12/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : December 12-20
Event Organiser : Mike Charteris VK4QS

The Royal Australian Navy holds the honour of being the First into the Dardanelles, by way of the 35 Officers and Sailors of the Australian Submarine HMAS AE2. This they achieved early on the morning of April 25th 1915, hours before the ANZAC had landed at Ari Burnu, later known as ANZAC Cove. In honour of these brave submariners the special event call sign VI4AE2 went to air for six days to emulate their truly gallant actions in the Sea of Marmara. The successful wireless signal transmitted by Telegrapher William Falconer RAN, to notify Command that HMAS AE2 had succeeded in breaching the Dardanelles was the catalyst that saw the ANZACs stay and fight on Gallipoli. Thus the ANZAC Legend was born, and so commemorated in the first ever ANZAC Day on April 25th 1916.


There were in fact other Australians serving on Gallipoli which could have been mistaken for Infantry or Light Horsemen. They were the Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train, serving at Kangaroo Beach, Suvla Bay. Sadly today, they are mostly forgotten by history in the Gallipoli narrative. But history does tell us that during their time at Kangaroo Beach, one of the duties of RANBT Sailors was that of “Wireless Operator”. Thus through the medium of Amateur Radio “We” fortunate few can indeed emulate these men as Wireless Operators from 100 years ago through VI4ANZAC.
The Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train was formed in Melbourne on the 28th of February 1915. They were drawn from the Royal Australian Naval Reserve, as they did not have ships to serve on in the regular Royal Australian Navy. Some 300 Naval Reservists, including 50 men who had previously served in German New Guinea, were selected to sign up to the 1st RANBT. On June 4th 1915, the RANBT embarked aboard the troopship PORT MACQUARIE for active service. Halfway across the Indian Ocean their orders were changed, and they were diverted to Egypt. They arrived at Port Said on July 17th 1915. Three weeks later on August 7th the RANBT landed under fire at Suvla Bay. They came ashore with the British Army, in an effort to open a new front on the Gallipoli Peninsula. This would be their new home till December 20th 1915.

Up to 10 radio amateurs will put VI4ANZAC on air.

These are:
Mike Charteris VK4QS, Ex RAN, Dave Westcombe-Down VK5BUG Ex RAN, Peter Hewitson VK4QC, Ex Commercial OTC Ship Shore Operator, Glenn McNeil VK4BG, Ex Commercial Pilot & Radio Technician, Mike Patterson VK4MIK Ex RAN, Jim (Rosco) Anderson VK4AQ, Ex RAN, Alex McDonald VK4TE, Ex RAAF, Ewan McLeod VK4ERM, Ex Officer “RAEME’ Australian Army, and Gareth “Tank” Evans VK4EGE Ex RAN.

Full frequencies and times are at

Only this VI4ANZAC activation December 12-20 will provide a QSL card in response to direct QSL, sent to Mike Charteris VK4QS, No 84 Banana Street, Granville 4650, Queensland, Australia.

All other ANZAC-suffixed callsigns will use eQSL only.

The Wireless Institute of Australia, and the Amateur Radio Operators of VI4ANZAC “RANBT”, wish to acknowledge and sincerely thank the Sea Power Centre, the Royal Australian Navy, Mr. John Perryman formerly RAN, and Commander Greg Swinden, RAN for the photos and historical information that has been drawn upon for the webpage in honour of the RANBT, Sailors in Khaki from Kangaroo Beach.

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