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Date : 24/04/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 1 Week
Event Organiser : Amateur Radio Experimenters Group
Contact : Chris Platt VK5CP -

Event Details :

Both the Amateur Radio Experimenters Group and the Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club Radio will share the commemorative callsign. At first the AREG from April 24 Midnight through to Noon on ANZAC Day, then EARC takes over. A number of ex-service personnel who are radio amateurs involved, and the RSL will look at the event progress, being invited to join in. A portable gazebo and long wire antennas on HF will be the mainstay of the operation.

Ex-service members operating are:

Sgt Peter Murphy VK5KX, Sgt Peter Murphy - 20 years RAAF, Avionics Australia wide
Paul Roehrs VK5NE - Sqd/Ldr, (NAV) 20 years in the RAAF, Australia and South-East Asia
Damien Clissold VK5FDEC - Assault Pioneer, Cavalry Regiment, 4 Years, 1st RAR, Townsville
Robert (Bob) T Jeisman VK5FBAA - L/Cpl, Medical Corp. 3rd Field Ambulance CMF, 4 years South Australia.
Allan Mc Kendrick VK5MAK - Sapper, 29 Field Squadron, Royal Engineers, 4 years UK and West Germany.

The AREG activation will commence from 1200 ACST on the 25th of April and will target making the callsign accessible to a wide audience across VK, ZL and Europe in particular over the following days. The details of the AREG activations can be found here:

VI5ANZAC is based in South Australia which was also the home state of the 10th Battalion which was raised in August 1914. On 25 April 1915, the 10th Battalion took part in the Landing at Anzac Cove, coming ashore during the initial stages of the operation as part of the covering force. Members from the 10th Battalion penetrated the furthest inland of any Australian troops during the initial fighting, before the Allied advance inland was checked.

To work this special event callsign AREG will be active during the following times:

Saturday 25th April 0230UTC (1200ACST) – Sunday 26th April ~0830UTC (1800ACST)

7.150MHz (+ QRM) (Primary)
14.150MHz (+QRM) (Primary – Beaming Long Path Europe)
21.250MHz (+ QRM) (Secondary)
28.450MHz (+QRM) (Secondary)\

Operators: VK5CP + Many others

Tuesday 28th April 0830UTC (1800ACST) 1200UTC (2130ACST) – QRP Portable from Morialta Conservation Park

7.145MHz Split (+5kHz)
14.245MHz Split (+5kHz) before ~1030-1100 UTC
3.675MHz Split (+5kHz) – after ~1030-1100 UTC
146.550MHz FM (Adelaide Metro area)
439.025MHz FM (Adelaide Metro area)

NOTE: This operation is weather permitting. More information is available from Bob VK5FO who is leading this activation

Operators: VK5FO, VK5QI, VK5RR, VK5GR + Others

Wednesday 29th April 1030UTC (2000ACST) – 1430UTC (0000ACST)
7.150MHz (+ QRM) Beginning
14.150MHz (+QRM) Later Beaming Long Path Europe
Operator: Matt VK5ZM

Thursday 30th April – Evening (Details TBA)
7.150MHz (+ QRM) (Primary)
14.150MHz (+QRM) (Primary – Beaming Long Path Europe)
21.250MHz (+ QRM) (Secondary)
28.450MHz (+QRM) (Secondary)\

Operator: Theo VK5MTM

Members of AREG may also activate the callsign at other times during the club’s operating window. QSL will only be via CLUB Log, EQSL and LOTW – No hard copy.

We look forward to working you all using this historic callsign.


Date : 01/05/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 24 Hours
Event Organiser : VK5CP
Contact : Chris Platt -
Event Details :
Final day as above.

Date : 02/05/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 7 days
Event Organiser : Elizabeth Amateur Radio Group VK5LZ

Event Details :
A number of operators to be on air from the Elizabeth RSL on the Midway and Halsey Roads corner. More detail expected.

Date : 09/05/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 7 Days
Event Organiser : South-East Radio Group
Contact : John Nieuwenhuizen VK5NJ

Event Details :
Veterans in South-East South Australia.

To commemorate those who served in WW1 and WWII and were South-East South Australian residents. Plans to activate on the HF bands particularly Europe.


Date : 06/06/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 1 day
Event Organiser : Elizabeth Amateur Radio Club
Contact : Allan Mckendrick VK5MAK

Event Details :
The Elizabeth RSL to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of Australian forces at Vung Tau landed by the Royal Australian Navy. VI5ANZAC by EARC will be on 80m 3.650MHz and 40m 7.050MHz +/- QRM, 1900-2300 CST.


Date : 15/08/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 48 Hours
Event Organiser : Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society
Contact : Paul VK5PAS

Event Details :
Anniversary of the formation of the 10th Battalion at Morphetville racecourse South Australia, among the first units raised in Australia during WW1.


Date : 25/09/2015
Time : 0930 UTC
Duration : 3 Days
Event Title : 11th Light Horse Regiment - Battle of Samakh
Event Organiser : North East Radio Club
Contact : Nigel Freeston VK5NIG

Event Details :
The Battle of Semakh in WWI saw the 11th Light Horse
Regiment attack the village of Semakh in Palestine. This cavalry charge was unique during the whole of the WWI, being carried out in the dark and across country. It is also of particular importance since the 11th Light Horse Regiment had the largest-known group of Indigenous Australians in one AIF unit with one of 3 squadrons formed in VK5.

VI5ANZAC Activation
25th September 2015 - 2nd October 2015.
The North East Radio Club (NERC) in VK5 South Australia are commemorating the Battle of Samakh which was fought on 25 September 1918, in the last months of the Sinai and Palestine Campaign of WWI.
NERC at its monthly meeting, Modbury West Community Hall Capulet Crescent Modbury, on the Friday the 25th September, will operate several stations on HF 80m-10m, plus 6m and 2m bands from 0930UTC until about 0230UTC on Saturday 26th September. This should give all radio amateurs the opportunity to work the V15ANZAC station.
NERC members will then be operating the callsign throughout the week on the frequencies located on the WIA ANZAC Centenary Awards webpage +/- QRM until 0000UTC on Friday 2nd October including as a portable station.

Commemoration Event Summary
The formation of the 4th Light Horse Brigade containing the 11th Light Horse Regiment was announced on 11 February 1915. Two squadrons of the 11th Light Horse were formed in Queensland, and a third in South Australia. These also contained the largest known group of Indigenous Australians in the Australian Imperial Force.


Date : 03/10/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 3 Days
Event Title : Belair National Park WW2 memorial - Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society
Contact : Paul VK5PAS

Event Details :
The commemorative callsign VI5ANZAC will be active on the weekend of October 3 and 4, at a memorial redwood tree planting in a South Australian National Park.
The Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society will have a portable station at the Mount Lofty Ranges, with natural bushland at Belair Park, which has heritage attractions including old Government House and the State Flora Nursery.
As a memorial to Australian and American Allied Forces who served in World War 2 and Korea, an avenue of giant Sequoias redwood trees was planted in 1962.
The memorial had been accessible only via a remote fire track, until a joint venture with the Blackwood & District RSL built a bridge and track to the site, and unveiled a memorial plaque in 2008.
The Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society VI5ANZAC will be on air from around 0001 UTC to 0900 UTC, trying 7.130 MHz and 14.250 MHz, on October 3 and 4.


Date : 21/11/2015
Time : 00:00:00 UTC
Duration : 48 Hours
Event Title : ‘Diver’ Derrick VC - 70th anniversary of his death.
Event Organiser : Adelaide Hills ARS
Contact : Paul VK5PAS Adelaide Hills ARS

Event Details :
The South Australian killed in WWII given the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the face of the enemy.


12/12/2015 to 20/12/2015
The "last hurrah" departure ends on December 20 - TBA.

eQSL only.

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