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WIA calls for comment on single letter suffix callsigns

Date : 05 / 01 / 2006
Author : Glen Dunstan - VK4DU

The WIA board has received some requests for the introduction of single letter suffix amateur callsigns (eg. VK4D, VK2A, etc). Single letter suffix callsigns with a VK prefix are currently assigned to scientific licences.

There is a school of thought that single letter suffix callsigns are elitist and thus not in the spirit of amateur radio. However, it is worth noting that some 44 other countries issue these callsigns to amateur radio stations.

The WIA board therefore seeks your views on the desirability of single letter suffix callsigns for Australian amateur radio stations. If there is support for the issue of these callsigns, we will approach ACMA.

Please bear in mind that there is no guarantee that ACMA would agree to such a proposal. They may consider, for instance, that the administrative workload associated with changing existing scientific licencees outweighs any perceived benefit.

Please send your comments to


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