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WIA Requests ACMA to Adhere to Power Limits Proposed in Outcomes.

Date : 12 / 01 / 2006
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

In May 2004 many amateurs welcomed the proposed changed power limits for modes other than SSB that were contained in the summary to the ACA's Outcomes of the Review of Amateur Service Regulations paper. The permitted power limits specified there were 10 watts PEP all permitted modes for Foundation licensees, 100 watts PEP for all permitted modes for Standard licensees and 400 watts PEP all modes for Advanced licensees.

While Australian amateurs have lower power limits than amateurs in many other countries, the move to a PEP power limit for all permitted modes at least would have given Australian amateurs the same privilege as enjoyed by UK and New Zealand amateurs.

Last year ACMA advised the WIA that the proposal to specify transmitter output power only in terms of Peak Envelope Power would not go ahead. ACMA said that the change was due to "concerns about the potential for increased human exposure to electromagnetic radiation and increased interference resulting from what would be an effective increase in transmitter power output for some emission modes".

The WIA addressed the 3 watt power limit for AM, FM and CW specified for the Foundation Licence immediately the amending Determination was published, proposing a 10 watt limit to enable the use of readily available commercial equipment, particularly older equipment.

The WIA Board has now given careful consideration to ACMA�s change of position in so far as it affects Standard and Advanced licensees, and has written to ACMA saying that the WIA believes that ACMA should not retreat from a better solution for amateurs as originally offered in the Outcomes paper.

A full copy of the letter can be read here.

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