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2006 News Releases




Foundation licensees prominent in the last Subaru sponsored Rally of Canberra

Date : 15 / 03 / 2006
Author : Alan Hawes - VK1WX

Five new foundation licensees participated in the rally on the weekend of March 11 and 12, they were Darren VK1FDZS, Brad VK1FRST, Shane VK1FSRB, Sam VK1FLA (14y) and Phil VK1FPWH.

To quote Bob VK1HBH one of our operators in headquarters, "I would like to comment on the great performance of our recently licensed "F" calls during the rally. I think our F calls acquitted themselves very well indeed with all of them holding their own with the more experienced operators. I think too that their operating technique improved markedly over the course of the weekend as they became more comfortable and confident in the WICEN operation. Some were under a lot of pressure for first timer's in such an important event and they did well...a real credit to their training and enthusiasm. The old hands obviously helped a lot but that is the spirit of amateur radio 'round here now! "


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