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How long before I hear from the WIA after an assessment?

Date : 07 / 07 / 2006
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

Unfortunately, some candidates have unrealistic expectations about how long it can take before they should get their "new" license. The WIA has been working very hard to ensure a fast turnaround, and indeed we think that one reason why some candidates expect a very fast response is because they have heard of some people getting their results in a week or so!

How long should I wait?

"I have been told by the WIA Assessor that I have qualified, how long should I expect to wait before I get my new callsign?"

After the assessment, the WIA Assessor must send the papers into the WIA office at Caulfield, and the Exam Service must process the papers.

Then, if you have asked the WIA Exam service to process your application for a certificate of proficiency and to lodge your application for a licence or a variation of an existing licence, and the correct fees have been forwarded, then you should get a letter from the WIA telling you that your results and the applications have been sent to ACMA on a particular date.

If you haven't asked the WIA to do that, then you will get a letter from the WIA forwarding the official notification of your results, and telling you that when you have all the official results you need, you should apply for a certificate of proficiency and a licence or variation of a licence, from ACMA.

How long should you wait before chasing the results from the WIA?

You must allow time for your Assessor to post the papers to the WIA, and time for them to get there, and sometimes the post can be very slow. You must allow time for the results to be processed, and then you must allow time for the letter to get to you.

While we always try to achieve a fast turnaround, delays with the Assessors, slow mail, public holidays, sickness of staff, annual holidays, just too many exam matters all at once, can all contribute to delay.

So, please allow 3 weeks before chasing the WIA to ask why you haven't heard! If you haven't heard from us by then, please contact the office, preferably by email to

If you have asked the WIA to send your results direct to ACMA the you can expect it will take between one and two weeks for ACMA to issue your licence from the time you receive a letter from us saying that they have been sent to ACMA. If you include an e-mail address on your licence application ACMA will let you know by e-mail when your licence has been issued. Alternatively, keep checking the ACMA register of communications licence site at the following Link

If you haven't heard from ACMA 3 weeks after sending the forms to them, or after you have a letter from us saying we have sent them to ACMA, contact ACMA by email to or by phone to 1300 805 115.


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