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The centenary of the first wireless transmissions over open water in the Southern Hemisphere

Date : 12 / 07 / 2006
Author : Chris Jones - VK2ZDD

The centenary of the first wireless transmissions over open water in the Southern Hemisphere is noteworthy and the North-west Tasmanian Amateur Radio Interest Group and the Geelong Amateur Radio Club in Victoria is determined it is going to be a real celebration.

In 1906 the Australian Government gave permission for the Marconi Company to conduct trial transmissions across Bass Strait and on July 12th that year with great fanfare, this was done. Messages were exchanged between the Prime minister, the Governor General and the State governor in Victoria and their counterparts in Tasmania via Spark morse transmissions.

Thousands of people turned out to watch what must, in actual fact, have been a non-event as there was very little to actually see !.

The test was deemed highly successful but the Australian Government could not see the advantage in this new-fangled technology and after three months the stations were dismantled.

We've come a long way since.

This week, on July 12th., stations on each side of Bass Strait will re-enact the 1906 event and for the next 4 days each will have a special event station. VI 3 MC in Victoria and VI 7 MC in Tasmania.

The operating frequencies of the two special event stations are:-

On 20, 40, and 80 metres. around the following frequencies depending on QRM and usage, both stations will be adjacent, approx. 5kz. Away.

20 metres 14.170 Mhz. (plus/minus)
40 metres. 7.100 Mhz. (plus/minus)
80 metres 3.570 Mhz. (plus/ minus)

As well, VI 7 MC can be contacted on I R L P node 6616.
(EchoIRLP Node 152375).
An attractive QSL card will be available .

Event Organisers would like to receive messages from groups interested in Marconi, to broadcast on the 12th.

These can be sent on an MP3 file via email to , or by CD or tape by post to 177 Best St. Devonport, 7310 Tasmania.

Other means are by way of IRLP node 6616 or EchoLink 152375 (VK7AX-R) Tony, VK7AX will record them for replay on the 12th..

At 1.30 PM on Wednesday 12th. Radio Contact will be established between VI7MC in Devonport and VI3MC in Queenscliffe, initially by CW and then by Voice.
The Governors of both Victoria and Tasmania will exchange greetings followed by the Premiers and other dignitaries.
The frequency planned for use is 7100 KHz. � QRM.

The Geelong Amateur Radio Club and the North West Tasmania Amateur Radio Interest Group invite all Amateurs WorldWide to participate by calling in to the Special event Stations VI3MC (Queenscliffe) and VI7MC (Devonport) during the Marconi Centenary Celebrations 12th. - 16th. July


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