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2010 News Releases




WIA Now Owns its Premises

Date : 08 / 06 / 2010
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Settlement of the purchase by the WIA of 20 / 11 Havelock Road, Bayswater (announced last month) took place on Tuesday 8 June 2010. So, the WIA now owns the premises. When announcing plans to purchase the property, it was said that the Directors were considering calling the premises Andersson House, in honour of Henry Andersson VK8HA. Henry was an Honorary Life Member of the WIA, the first national WIA Intruder Watch Coordinator, and ran the VK8 QSL Bureau for 38 years.

Henry Andersson passed away on 6 October 2004. His will left his house and land at Humpty Doo, near Darwin to the WIA. That generous bequest provided much of the funds necessary to acquire the premises at Bayswater. The suggestion received support at the WIA’s Open Forum following the Annual General Meeting at Canberra on 29 May 2010 and so the Directors have decided to adopt the suggestion, and a suitable plaque is being obtained. One of the members present said that he would be able to provide the WIA with a photograph of Henry, taken some years ago. The WIA will shortly be publishing photographs of its new premises.


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