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Balloon repeater launching

Date : 20 / 10 / 2010
Author : Adrian Snell - VK5ZSN

This weekend Saturday 23 October at 0130 UTC a cross band talk through repeater and APRS beacon is to be launched from Mt Barker in South Australia and should be heard in both VK5 and VK3. The footprint in the order of an 800km radius is expected to include Ceduna, Mildura through to Mornington Peninsula, Melbourne and all places in between.

It may be suitable for 'Public' category stations participating in the WIA National Field Day to demonstrate using the internet and RF APRS feeds. Uplink frequency 438.900 MHz and downlink 146.450 MHz both requiring CTCSS 123 Hz. APRS identification is VK5ZSN-11. Flight progress may be tracked via the internet via this Link this uses the independent project hours telemetry. The balloon may also be tracked using or other APRS server or via RF APRS network. Lots of information about how to decode the telemetry packages on the balloon may be found at or via this Link There will be a net control station to assist with management of the traffic on the balloon repeater VK5ZBR - Horus Control.

Info: Adrian Snell,
Web Site:
Mobile 0407607824
IRLP node 6214


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