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Time running out for VK100WIA and WIA Centenary Award

Date : 27 / 10 / 2010
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The special callsign first went on air in May, with that entire month being rostered to the WIA and our President Michael Owen making the very first contact on the 14th of May. The remainder of the month saw it put on air, on behalf of the WIA, including during the WIA Centenary Convention in Canberra.

Since then, under a system of three-day roster slots, around 50 clubs have activated VK100WIA, working more than 100 DX Entities and amassing close to 25,000 contacts. During this week the Geelong Radio and Electronics Society and Adelaide Hills Amateur Radio Society did a fine job. The Westlakes Amateur Radio Club, operating from its club rooms at Teralba, New South Wales, will close VK100WIA forever this Sunday, the 31st of October. That's also the final day to make qualifying contacts for the limited issue WIA Centenary Award. To qualify for an award certificate, a VK radio amateur needs to achieve 100 points.

Many had done this by contacting VK100WIA the required ten times – do check the rules – which explain that only one qualifying contact is permitted during the WIA period of May, and one with each rostered club. So on this very last day, what can you do if you don’t have 100 points, and still want to get the award? Provided you have contacted VK100WIA on a minimum of two qualifying occasions, then you can simply top-up your points by contacts with WIA members, who are worth five points each.

It is suggested you have a few extra contacts with WIA members, rather than the bare minimum required, in your log. Remember, today the 31 of October is the final day for award point scoring contacts. Do check the rules, and remember that today is the final day to qualify for the WIA Centenary Award on the WIA website.


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