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Award Description

The WIA DX Awards Program is pleased to announce a new award, the “Islands of Australia Award”.

This award recognises contacts with Amateur Radio stations on any of the 56 qualifying Islands of Australia *.

The WIA Islands Of Australia Award is an award which compliments the RSGB/IOTA Ltd Program. The WIA wholeheartedly endorses this Program and hopes this award will encourage members to extend their "IOTA chasing” skills and achievements, and apply for further RSGB/IOTA world-wide awards.

The Islands of Australia Award also recognises high-achievers with Endorsements, Honour Roll (50 or more Australian islands) and Excellence (all 56 Australian islands).

The new award also features a Most Wanted list, which allows activators to target the rarest VK islands for their next DXpedition.

The award certificate features Coochiemudlo Island, part of OC-137, a small island in Moreton Bay, near Brisbane in VK4. The European explorer Matthew Flinders landed on Coochiemudlo Island on 19 July 1799, while he was searching for a river in the southern part of Moreton Bay. The name “Coochiemudlo" is an anglicised version of the Aboriginal Yuggera words kutchi (meaning red) and mudlo (meaning stone).

Special Notes ...
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(*) An “Island of Australia" is defined as an Australian (VK) island listed in the RSGB/Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd Program. This list can be found via this Link


General Information for All Awards

Rules specific to this award
1. The list of IOTA references used shall be that as defined, and maintained, by the RSGB & Islands On The Air (IOTA) Ltd

2. The list of qualifying IOTA references are listed below.

3. The award is based on the number of verified QSO with unique IOTA references.

4. Mode or Band do not matter. Contacts on any band, any mode, count as one unique contact.

5. A contact exchange will at least consist of swapping call signs & signal reports.

6. The IOTA ref of the contacted station must be indicated in the IOTA field of the ADIF log. Only those listed below qualify.

7. The IOTA claimed will need to be verified using "Verify IOTA at Clublog".

8. An award will be issued for QSO with 20 qualifying IOTA.

9. Award endorsements will be issued at 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50 (Honour Roll) and 56 (Excellence).

10. Any contact with AN-016 (Antarctica) must be with the Australian claimed territory, i.e. the operator must be using a VK, AX or VI callsign.

11. All QSO must have occurred since 1 Jan 1964.

12. If you have activated an island, as per RSGB/IOTA-World Ltd Rule A.7, you will receive credit for the activation.

The following IOTA are eligible for this award.

AN-003 Heard Island
AN-005 Macquarie Island
AN-016 Antarctica (VK, AX & VI calls only)
OC-001 Australia
OC-002 Christmas Island
OC-003 Cocos (Keeling) Islands
OC-004 Lord Howe Island
OC-005 Norfolk Island
OC-006 Tasmania
OC-007 Willis Islands
OC-071 Western Australia State (North Coast) West group
OC-072 Mellish Reef
OC-136 Victoria State Centre group
OC-137 Queensland State (South Coast) South group
OC-138 Queensland State (Torres Strait) group
OC-139 South Australia State East Centre group
OC-140 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) West group
OC-141 Northern Territory (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group
OC-142 Queensland State (South Coast) Centre group
OC-154 Western Australia State (North Coast) East group
OC-160 Queensland State (South Coast) North group
OC-164 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) South group
OC-170 Western Australia State (South Coast) East Centre group
OC-171 Queensland State (North Coast) South group
OC-172 Queensland State (North Coast) Centre group
OC-173 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) West group
OC-183 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) Centre group
OC-185 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) East group
OC-187 Queensland State (North Coast) North group
OC-193 Western Australia State (South Coast) West Centre group
OC-194 New South Wales State North group
OC-195 Furneaux group
OC-196 Victoria State East group
OC-198 Northern Territory (Gulf of Carpentaria) South group
OC-199 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) Centre group
OC-206 Western Australia State (S.W. Coast) North group
OC-211 Houtman Abrolhos
OC-212 New South Wales State Centre group
OC-214 Western Australia State (N.W. Coast) East group
OC-216 Ashmore and Cartier Islands
OC-220 South Australia State West group
OC-223 New South Wales State South group
OC-227 Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) South group
OC-228 South Australia State East group
OC-229 Northern Territory (Arafura Sea Coast) Centre group
OC-230 Rowley Shoals
OC-233 Tasmania's Coastal Islands
OC-234 Browse Island
OC-243 Western Australia State (South Coast) West group
OC-251 Victoria State West group
OC-255 Queensland State (Gulf of Carpentaria) North group
OC-261 South Australia State West Centre group
OC-265 Coral Sea Islands Territory South
OC-266 Western Australia State (North Coast) Centre group
OC-267 Coral Sea Islands Territory North
OC-294 Sandy Island

How To Apply For The Award

Online award system

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