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FGARC ready to go for the Jamboree

Date : 01 / 01 / 2010
Author : Bob Bristow - VK6POP

After nearly a year of preparation, the Fisher’s Ghost Amateur Radio Club has the Amateur Radio Shack and activity ready to go when the Australian Scout Jamboree commences on 4th January 2010. The Jamboree is at Cataract Scout Park, near Appen, South of Sydney. About 10,000 Scouts and 3,000 adult Leaders will be onsite for ten days, providing a wealth of activities designed to fit the Jamboree theme “Test Your Limits”.

The Fisher’s Ghost Amateur Radio Club has refitted the interior of the radio shack to provide six operating booths, and have replaced and refurbished antenna and radio equipment. There are several Amateur Radio based activities that will be operating next to the shack. Several individuals and businesses have given generous donations of time, cash and equipment to make the activity possible.

Listen out for VI2AJ2010 on HF, over the hours 2200 to 1100 UTC, 3 January to 13 January, on 80M through to 6M and 2M with a simplex repeater on 145.400 with IRLP node 6111. The Blue Mountains repeater VK2RBM, IRLP 6366 and Echolink 63666 is strong at the site as well. You may also find some computer-based connections on Echolink at the Jamboree. Scouts will appreciate having someone to talk to on air, so please respond if you hear them calling.

Aj2010 Update Message - Bob Baker Chief Director


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