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ARNSW Centenary Celebration 1910 – 2010

Date : 19 / 03 / 2010
Author : Tim Mills - VK2ZTM

On Sunday 14th March 2010 "Amateur Radio New South Wales opened its new building at the VK2WI Dural site and at the same time celebrated its formation 100 years ago.

Over 100 members attended the celebrations of the Centenary of the formation of the movement which has become today’s WIA and marked the event with the cutting of the Centenary Cake. Three “Elders”, (left to right in the photograph) David Thompson VK2BDT, born 1919, Pierce Healy VK2APQ born 1911 and Bill Hall VK2XT born 1912 cut the Centenary Cake, with ARNSW President Beth Langley VK2AO looking on.

ARNSW also celebrated on the 11th March - the anniversary of the founding - with a gathering at the site of the former Hotel Australia in the Sydney CBD.

On Wednesday evening the 10th March Tim VK2ZTM and Mathew VK2YAP had a 20 minute live interview on ABC Radio Statewide Program covering the following day's Centenary Celebrations.

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