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EmComms Information Registrations Reach Two Hundred

Date : 21 / 04 / 2010
Author : Peter Young - VK3MV

Today the WIA has received our 200th registration for information on the WIA Emergency Communications Operator training. Fred Swainston, from Trainsafe, the WIA nominated Registered Training Organisation, said he was excited by the level of support shown and did not think we would reach this number. Already there have been two “train the trainer” sessions, with a third one being organised shortly. So far 16 trainers, one or two from every state, have been trained and will be ready to deliver the Certificate 2 training.

The WIA is hopeful that the EmComm training will commence towards the end of June and progressively rolled out over the remainder of the year. A training application form will be placed on the WIA website for these training courses. A number of people who have expressed interest already hold the certificate 2 qualification in Public Safety (SES Operations) and will receive recognition of prior learning for the whole course when they register and appropriate evidence is provided.

For those persons who already hold an Amateur station Licence the training course will comprise 38 hours class room contact, which can be organised in a number of different ways either over a number of weekends or one weekend a month for example. Once registered for a training session(s), applicants will be able to download the course material that will be used over the course.

Upon successful completion of the course, a certificate of achievement will be issued that will allow a person, if a WIA member, to be accredited as a WIA Emergency Communications Operator (WIAECO) and registered accordingly.

So, if you have not registered for information on EmComm Training, but would like to be involved, then fill out the online web form by clicking this Link


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