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2010 News Releases




National Field Day – New Date 23rd October 2010.

Date : 19 / 05 / 2010
Author : Philip Adams - VK3JNI

The WIA Board and NFD organising committee wish to advise the revised date for the forthcoming National Field Day. In the original planning, it was considered that the activity generated in the last 3 hours of the National Field Day would not cause undue traffic or interference with the Oceania DX Phone Contest. It was even felt that it could be beneficial for the VK6 Stations to provide activity on the Bands.

Following the consideration of a submission including various logistical and safety issues, the date of the National Field Day has been moved to the new date of the 23rd of October. The WIA Board and NFD Committee trust that this move will be mutually beneficial to both VK clubs and individuals and will assist the support of the National Field Day.

For full details of the field day click the following Link

On behalf of Paul VK5PH, Fred VK3DAC, Gerard VK5ZQ


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