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CQ Centenary Award - a call out to WIA members

Date : 01 / 07 / 2010
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

A high level of interest exists in qualifying for the WIA Centenary Award, and like all amateur radio operating awards it does pay to carefully read and understand the rules and requirements.

A single contact with VK100WIA operated by the WIA, or operated by a Club, is worth 10 points. Work more clubs using that special callsign and earn 10 points for each different club. For VK stations contacting 10 clubs (or 9 clubs plus a contact during the WIA period in May) will add up to the required 100 points (DX stations need only 50 points).

If you can’t make up all of the 100 points needed by logging ten eligible VK100WIA contacts, then top up your tally with contacts with WIA members, each worth five points contacts.
So you can make a minimum of two eligible contacts with VK100WIA = 20 points + 16 WIA members (five points each member) = 100 points. There are many combinations of VK100WIA and WIA members that add up to 100 points. EG: Nine eligible VK100WIA contacts = 90 points + 2 WIA members = 100 points).

VK100WIA was operated by, or on behalf of the WIA, for two weeks in May. This included three WIA Directors, individual WIA members, Amateur Radio Victoria, Amateur Radio New South Wales and the Canberra Region Amateur Radio Club. All of those contacts made in May were "WIA contacts".

If you worked VK100WIA in May, you will have earned 10 points. But it is not essential to have had a contact in May. The minimum of two eligible VK100WIA contacts or more to earn points for the award can be during June to October.

If you have worked VK100WIA and want to know which club was operating it, check out the roster and on-line logging – both on the WIA website. Each affiliated WIA club operating VK100WIA will periodically announce who it is on air, or ask the operator during your QSO.

Need to contact WIA members to qualify for the award? Then put out a call: "CQ WIA Centenary Award - looking for WIA members". When a station responds, verify with them that they are a WIA member and exchange a signal report to earn five points towards the award. And only one contact with each WIA member is permitted.

Most importantly do have fun as you join in the celebrations for the Centenary of Organised Amateur Radio in Australia. The Centenary Award Certificate will look great in your radio shack.
Meet the requirements of the rules and send a claim by 30 January 2011 accompanied by payment of $5 Australian dollars or 3 IRC, sent to:

WIA Centenary Award
PO Box 2042


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