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Date : 06 / 07 / 2010
Author : Geoff Atkinson - VK3AFA

As a result of the tremendous interest generated by the VK100WIA operations we have recently received a number of enquiries regarding the distribution of QSL cards. It seems that in many instances this is the first time people have seriously thought about what happens to QSL cards – they obviously want this one as a record of an important event.

Recognising this, the WIA has elected to respond to each and every contact worked under the VK100WIA callsign by printing a unique QSL card. Using electronic logging the contact information can be readily printed on the cards and within Australia the relevant cards are simply sent to the Inwards QSL Bureau in each State for distribution.

And that’s where it comes unstuck, because less than half of Australia’s amateurs are members of the WIA (mandatory for registration with the Bureau) and only some of those are in fact registered to receive their QSL cards. Some have not previously seen any need to register because they rarely work people in other countries, some have made a conscious decision that they do not wish to receive cards and others simply have no knowledge of how the system operates.

Those members who are registered with the Bureau will receive their VK100WIA cards through the normal distribution channels. The undistributed cards will remain available for collection from the bureau managers, but this will entail sifting through several hundred cards to find yours. They are currently stored in pseudo alphabetical order but as the tally rises with new batches of incoming cards this will be impossible to maintain.

If you are a WIA member and believe you may be eligible to receive an acknowledgement of a precious contact – VK100WIA or other – you should immediately register your callsign(s) with your State QSL manager. The longer you leave it the harder your card(s) will be to find. This will of course continue to be the case for non members. We strongly urge all amateurs to read the general information contained in the WIA website or by simply clicking the following Link


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