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DX0DX countdown update

Date : 10 / 08 / 2010
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

Only 150 days to go before the scheduled QRV of the multi-operator DXpedition on Thitu Island in the Spratlys 6-24 January 2011 and more substantial progress has been achieved.

The Philippines National Telecommunications Commission has issued the DX0DX licence and DXpedition Team Leader Chris Dimitrijevic VK3FY and DU8/VK3FY confirms that the required documentation is filed with the DXCC Advisory Committee. Formal DXCC accreditation is expected soon after proof is electronically submitted that operators have reached the island and DX0DX is on air. It was earlier announced that Bob Schenck N2OO has been appointed the QSL manager.

Among the current and growing list of corporate sponsors are ICOM America which is providing ten top-line IC7600 transceivers plus one IC9100 transceiver; Amplifiers from Acom International, OM Power and THAMWAY Corp; Antennas from SteppIR, Spiderbeam and Mosley- Electronics; Bandpass Filters from WX0B Array Solutions; Masts by Rohn Products; Ham Radio Outlet; Head-sets Heil Sound; and Feeders The RF Connection.

Decisions are now being finalised on the roles needed for the DXpedition. The logistical co-ordination of equipment from sponsors is being headed by Charles Spetnagel W6KK, in the United States where we are basing our shipments. The massive logistics exercise to get the equipment, supplies and operators shipped to Thitu Island has received confirmation that the boat to be used is undergoing its annual dry-dock maintenance and certification. Other expertise within the team is being progressively used. Station lay-out coordinator is David Collingham K3LP. The many different tasks, including rostering and logging, and being addressed to make it a success.

The team's medical doctors are ready to assist should anyone become unwell, and to also outreach to the island's residents as part of the DXpedition's humanitarian, health and welfare contribution. It has also been learnt that some of the 30 operators lined up for the DXpedition are using it as a personal incentive to lose some body weight as they prepare for their stay on the island. This will be especially helpful for those wishing to frequently walk between four dedicated operating camps for SSB, CW, RTTY and 2m & 6m operation. Not to mention trips to the mess tent for meals.

Online surveying of DXers finds that the demand for The Spratlys on 160m to 10m is fairly equal with each band falling in the 9% - 11% range after 2,670 votes received. The preferred mode survey results to date are SSB (36%), CW (35%) and RTTY (27%) with 785 votes cast.

The DX0DX Team acknowledges the financial support already received from individual radio amateurs Brad WA6JJB, Paul N6PSE, Marc DO4DXA, Maurice N4LZ, Vic W4VIC, Ken N5TY, Allan VK2CA, Paul VK2HV, Scotty KG9Z, Clay K7HC, Mitch DJ0QN, Neill K4ESE, Doyl AB4IQ, William K3WA and Billy W3EL. Support has also been given by the IARU Region 3 member society Philippine Amateur Radio Association (PARA), DXWORLD, The Daily DX and ClubLog.


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