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Tune-in to the world - Amateur radio gets people talking

Date : 14 / 08 / 2010
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

WIA National Field Day - Saturday 23 October 2010

The WIA, as part of its Centenary Celebrations, is encouraging clubs, groups and individual radio amateurs to get on air on Saturday 23 October with an event to help promote amateur radio to the public and have fun.

Many WIA affiliated clubs indicate that they want to actively promote the hobby, and now this event provides a focus that should not only be fun, but attract new members and new radio amateurs.

There will be two categories:
  A Public Station is a station run by three or more radio amateurs operating on a single callsign from a public place, or clubrooms open to the public for the duration of the event.
  A Private Station is a station, which is an individual operating portable, mobile or from a private residence.

Highly important is that Public Stations actually engage members of the public rather than just having them look on, and then walk away as often happens with displays of all types.

The aim is to inform, educate, and encourage them to give amateur radio a try by taking part in an on air conversation. That means Public Stations need plenty of planning to work out who is best within a club to 'greet' visitors to the stations, talk to them in plain language (avoid jargon), hand out the WIA’s Calling CQ brochure, and where possible get their contact details for later follow up. For most radio amateurs, this will be something new. However it’s crucial that a more professional approach be taken to the public relations element to achieve the objective of recruiting new radio amateurs. The WIA has display posters available and calling CQ brochures should clubs require additional stocks, it is recommended to request stock in advance.

The event requires all stations to pre-register to receive a participation certificate. All contacts require a serial number consisting of familiar contest exchange of signal report and contact number, plus a suffix, Public Stations use the letter F for general contacts or G when a guest non-licensed operator makes their first contact. Private Stations should use a suffix of H for a home, P for portable or M for mobile stations.

A scoring system has bonus points which can be gained through a range of options which include:
  When member of the public makes their first contact via amateur radio
  For a station set up at a prominent public location such as a shopping centre
  Having a structured amateur radio educational activity
  The use of renewable energy
  Gaining of media publicity
  The attendance of a local, state of federal politician

See the rules for more details about the bonus points and the scoring system.

Award certificates will go to the three highest scoring Public Stations and Private Stations and a reminder that the event requires all stations to pre-register in order to receive a participation certificate.

Prepare now for your participation now. See the complete rules, check-lists and other information on the web page, simply click the following Link

Details will also be published in the September edition of Amateur Radio magazine.


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