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2010 News Releases




New Procedure for Two-Letter Callsign Recommendations

Date : 11 / 11 / 2010
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

On 1 December 2010, the date the new fees for Callsign Recommendations come into effect, a new procedure will be adopted for Callsign Recommendations for two letter callsigns in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria. Up to now, applications could only be made by mail and were processed in the order in which they were received at the WIA office. A number of amateurs have pointed out that this favoured those living in areas where Express Post was available, and meant that those living in remote areas had no chance of obtaining a two letter callsign if anyone in the capital cities wanted the callsign. The WIA and the ACMA have now agreed a new procedure that should put everyone on an equal footing.

No callsign recommendation can be made until seven days after a callsign is placed on the Public List, (the list of available callsigns on the WIA website) to allow someone who has inadvertently allowed a licence to lapse to claim back the callsign

Applications for a two letter callsign in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria will continue to be required to be lodged by mail.

Rather than dealing with each application in the order of receipt at the office, now each application for a particular two letter callsign received in the seven days will be given a number, and after the seven days, if the callsign has not been claimed back, then from cards bearing numbers corresponding to the numbers given to the applications one will be drawn at random, in the presence of a WIA Director, Secretary or Treasurer. As at present, if an applicant is unsuccessful, and cannot be recommended an acceptable callsign, the fee shall be refunded.


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