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Call For Operators – Vic Super Murray Marathon

Date : 08 / 12 / 2010
Author : Graham Mason VK3KMG & Peter Young VK3MV

WICEN has been involved in the Murray Marathon for a great many years and this year is looking for additional volunteers. You do not need to be a member of WICEN to be involved playing radio in the bush and enjoying the company of other amateur radio operators.

The Murray Marathon is a canoe race that starts in Yarrawonga on December 27th and finishes in Swan Hill 5 days later on New Years eve. During the five days the team moves down the river camping at Tocumwal, Echuca, Cohuna and Swan Hill. WICEN provides the communication for the event primarily on 80 and 2 metres. WICEN particularly need more 2 metre operators to provide communications for the Doctors, First Aid vehicles and boats that form check points down the river. Camping is easy as YMCA is providing meals. Transport can be arranged from Melbourne to the event if that is necessary.

If any one is interested in joining the team for a fun week along the river please call Graham Mason VK3KMG on
(03) 59811238.


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