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Preston North East Primary School contact a success

Date : 24 / 02 / 2011
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3DN

On Tuesday the 22nd, fourteen students from Victoria's Preston North East Primary School gathered for a very successful and memorable ARISS contact.

Astronaut Catherine Coleman KC5ZTH answered all 14 student questions although and it was only the last answer which was a little scratchy as the ISS went below the horizon. This ARISS contact saw a record attendance by the school with well over 500 students and parents attending the evening event. A very unique aspect of the evening was that the contact was broadcast live via Amateur Television through the VK3RTV television repeater located on Mount Dandenong and simultaneously streamed live to the internet via the British Amateur Television Group BATV gateway.

Many complimentary reports were received from viewers of the ATV transmission both local and overseas. Thanks are extended to astronaut Catherine Coleman KC5ZTH, Larry WD8KUJ, John, AG9D & Kenneth, N5VHO in the US. Thanks also go to Mick VK3CH for arranging the transmission via ATV, to Tony VK3ZAI the Australian coordinator for ARISS and to Melisa DeFabrio (teacher) and the students from Preston North East Primary for a most enjoyable evening.

ARISS is now approaching 600 schools world wide who have spoken live to the crews on the ISS since year 2000.

The audio from the evening and contact may be heard by clicking the links below.

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