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The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio

Date : 31 / 12 / 2011
Author : ARRL

There are a LOT of similarities between amateurs and the growing Do It Yourself (DIY), Maker communities. We can learn from each other and share tools and ideas in our enjoyment of creating things for ourselves and not simply purchasing mass-produced products.

The ARRL's new video, "The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio," is an 8-minute video that follows some of the innovative, imaginative and fun ways "amateurs" use radio technology in new and creative ways. The presentation is directed toward the DIY (do it yourself) movement, which is inspiring a new generation of creators, hackers and innovators. The message should be helpful for existing radio amateurs to shape the ways they understand and talk about amateur radio.

But wait - there's more!

The Do It Yourself or "DIY" movement is nothing new to Amateur Radio. For just over a century, "radio amateurs" have been working in basements and attics, taking things apart and putting them back together in new ways for the fun of it. The enjoyment of seeing your own creation work –or even if it fails- always surpasses being a mere user of corporate products. The joys of making and modifying things for themselves run deep in the amateur radio community. Today’s radio amateurs continue to use technologies in new and creative ways that can become the consumer products of tomorrow and, in the meantime, they have FUN doing it!

Radio Amateurs were the original Makers and Hackers, using new, used and scavenged parts to make transmitters, receivers, and antennas capable of communicating with other radio amateurs anywhere on Earth, and beyond. In this hobby, communicating is the keyword. And, when computers came along, they fit right in to the radio amateur's wide world. Using their technical skills and imagination, radio amateurs put together advanced communication networks connected by radio waves instead of wires.

From microchips and robotics to time and space itself, the Makers within the Amateur Radio ranks build and explore new ways to play with the radio spectrum such as bouncing UHF signals off a meteorite trail or sending email without the Internet – just for fun. They can contact astronaut radio amateurs on the International Space Station or set world distance records for communications using microwaves. Radio amateurs are even developing whole new systems where a computer IS the radio. If you want a new radio, you’ll be able to download it!

Download the Hires Video today
The full Hires Video ideal for screening at public events and via ATV.

  Downloaded a copy the video from the ARRL site by simply right clicking this >>> Link <<<
  Downloaded a copy the video from the WIA site by simply right clicking this >>> Link <<<

Thanks go to the ARRL for the production of this new video.

The DIY Magic of Amateur Radio


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