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2012 Remembrance Day Contest - Opening Speech available for broadcast

Date : 09 / 08 / 2012
Author : Peter Ellis - VK1PE

The audio file for the Opening Speech of the Remembrance Day Contest for 2012 have been released for download. The speech is broadcast on various frequencies each year in the minutes
leading up to the commencement of the Remembrance Day Contest.

The RD Contest is conducted on the weekend nearest the anniversary of the cessation of hostilities in World War 2, 15 August, Victory in the Pacific Day (VP Day).

Opening Speech

For 2012, the 20 minutes leading to the beginning of the contest will feature the Opening Speech broadcast consisting of:

  an introduction by Peter Ellis VK1PE (host),
  comments by Alan Shannon VK4SN (Contest Manager),
  comments and thanks by Michael Owen VK3KI (President of the WIA),
  a reading of the list of Australian Amateurs who died during World War 2, and
  a discussion with, and the opening speech by, Colonel Rupert Hoskin RAE.

Timing of broadcast (instructions)

Amateurs who will be broadcasting the speech should:

  download the audio file,
  commence playing the file at precisely 0240 UTC on Saturday 11 August 2012.

The file will play three minutes of "This frequency IS in use..." messages and sound clicks at regular intervals. The speech audio begins at 02h43m10s UTC, ending with a ten second count-down to 0300 UTC when the contest begins.

(Peter Ellis VK1PE, 2012 RD Speech producer/host; Alan Shannon VK4S

File Downloads

  Download Link 'CD' quality audio - (size 20MB)
  Download Link 'MPEG' quality - for normal broadcast, (size 9MB)


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