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2012 RD Contest - A Huge Success

Date : 20 / 08 / 2012
Author : Alan shanon - VK4SN.

On all accounts the RD was a huge success under the new rules format. Most appreciated was the amount of improved activity across the bands. Propagation was extremely kind with a low noise level on all bands. Great to see eastern /QRP stations making VK6 on a regular basis.
The new 3 hour rule did as expected and stations moved from one band to another keeping things alive.

Quotes extracted from logs:
  "The most enjoyable RD contest since the 1980's"
  "The RD contest brought activity level on several bands up to where it was many years ago."
  " I really like the new rst/exchange system - less competitive pressure"
  "Thanks to the organisers for making this contest more accessible."
  "Good format for a friendly contest"

I think the last comment sums it up. Once all the logs are in I will supply statistics and full soapbox comments.

And .. check out Peter Parkers VK3YE RD Youtube video below !

Keep the logs coming in
73 from Alan, VK4SN.

VK3YE - RD Contest 2012


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