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All Cameras Ready For This Weekends ATV QSO Party

Date : 23 / 08 / 2012
Author : Peter Cossins - VK3BFG

The ATV QSO Party was the brainchild of Jim Linton, VK3PC initially used as a part of the 100 year celebration of Amateur radio Victoria. Jim assigned further development and implementation of the ATV QSO party idea to myself Peter VK3BFG.

The ATV QSO party aims to encourage amateur TV activity and the concept is to maximise the use of amateur radio. Having said that, Skype is almost universal to most people and is a mechanism of including remote stations who are unable to access an ATV Repeater. This year there are two ATV Repeaters in use, VK3RTV in Melbourne and the W6ATN network of repeaters in Southern California.

Similar to IRLP, an internet conduit is used from my QTH in Melbourne and other Australian states to Don KE6BXT in Mission Vieja Southern California, relaying the stations operating into VK3RTV and remote Skype stations to Don. To achieve this, both Don and I have dual Internet channels open. Don then transmits the signal to the W6ATN network. On the completion of a set of overs, Don then sends stations on the W6ATN network to myself who transmits them to VK3RTV. Both VK3RTV and W6ATN stream on the BATC website so all stations involved not near W6ATN or VK3RTV can watch. It is expected that stations in VK2, VK3, VK4, VK5 and VK7 will participate and internationally England, Ireland and the USA.

The ATV QSO party will start on Friday night the 24th August and continue on Saturday morning/afternoon. Australian stations wishing to participate should send a Skype request to myself, pcossins for Friday and/or vk3bfg for Saturday.


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