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Ham History in Haustralia – latest update

Date : 12 / 04 / 2014
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

The history section on the website contains a wealth of information across a dozen topic pages, with pictures, scanned documents and tips for collecting Australian ham history. Interested readers should start at this Link

Collecting and publishing salient amateur radio history relevant to Australia is the passion of the Historical and Archives Committee, led by Peter Wolfenden VK3RV.

The latest page to be updated is about the WIA Archive. Like all the other topic pages, you’ll see that this is a page under construction. So is the physical WIA Archive at the National Office, as the page explains, complete with photographs. The importance of collecting oral history is particularly highlighted, and there are tips, guidelines and resources available for going about it.

On the Callbook History page is a scan of the very first national Callbook, from 1914.

Amateur licences and examination papers of the past get a guernsey on the Licences page, along with a roundup of licence fees over the years.

Other pages cover amateur broadcasting and ladies in amateur radio. There’s a lot more, besides. You never know what you might learn by having a rummage through Ham History in Haustralia !


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