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Media hits attributed to PR4AmateurRadio Expo

Date : 16 / 04 / 2014
Author : PR4AmateurRadio

Some of the aims of last weekend's PR4Amateur Radio Expo were community interaction and media coverage for Amateur Radio, with many successful examples occurring.

Ipswich and District Radio Club President, Glen Woodrow VK4FARR, in the Ipswich Advertiser, reports social media has not damped the enthusiasm of those engaged in Amateur Radio.

The club marked World Amateur Radio Day with an Expo, calling on residents to get involved in the fun.

Glenn VK4FARR said, "It has never been easier to enter the hobby through the basic Foundation Licence, and the club can show you how to join in the fun."

He was speaking as modern Amateur Radio was showcased across the nation to the public at demonstration stations.

A few visitors to the Expo had seen an antenna in their neighbourhood and wondered what it meant. Some thought we'd gone out of existence, had a former relative involved, or held an old fashioned view of it. Others have not even
heard of us.

The public relations event also scored an interview by ABC radio of a Bundaberg radio amateur that included references to his do-it-yourself techniques and operating to chat with friends near and far.

A member of the Bundaberg Amateur Radio Club, Dave Nebe VK4HAX prefers using Amateur Radio while others may choose the Internet means or other ways to stay in touch.

He told the ABC that Amateur Radio is different things to different people. Some like working on antennas, so they like to put an antenna to communicate with someone far afield. Dave VK4HAX enjoys building things, trying out a project, and sharing it with others.

The WIA CQ Expo stations have generated interest and stimulated much discussion on public relations among existing radio amateurs.

PR4Amateur Radio Expo reports are still coming in, but initially include indications of some potential recruitment, and that a greater understanding now existed among the public who visited.


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