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Results of the John Moyle Memorial National Field Day 2014

Date : 30 / 04 / 2014
Author : Denis Johnstone - VK4AE

The results of the 2104 John Moyle National Field Day have been published and are now available on the contest page of the WIA website.

This year’s entries came from all Australian mainland call areas, although only one from Tasmania, and several from New Zealand. The total number of logs submitted was 177. This was a significant increase (59.6%) from the 111 logs received last year. Well done to all who took part and made the effort to submit a log.

Based upon submitted logs, there were some 23, 686 contacts, (a 31.2% increase from 2013) accumulating some 73,829 points claimed (a 20.6% increase from 2013). This was successful contesting for an Australian field day contest, and with the 5 contact rule change it resulted in 177 logs being received. More than 1,100 Australian individual call signs were logged during the contest.

Unfortunately, the numbers of stations who went to the considerable trouble of going out and setting up as a portable station and then not bothering to submit a log as an entry, is still a disappointment. Some multiple operator stations got very big scores; this perhaps simply reflects the great and varied planning and implementation efforts required to assemble and operate a multi operator station.

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