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2014 News Releases




IPS Service Under Review

Date : 22 / 06 / 2014
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

A Discussion Paper has been released by the Ionospheric Prediction Service as the first step in what could be a wide-ranging review of the service. A copy of this paper can be downloaded from the following Link
Responses are required by 4th July.
The Review Terms of Reference are:

1. Review the policy basis for the Bureau's Space Weather services;

2. Provide an analysis and international benchmarking comparison of the Bureau's Space Weather services, and use of observations and infrastructure, including:
  their current status;
  performance and impact;
  manner of delivery; and
  adequacy of capabilities and resourcing to deliver the service;

3. Evaluate the extent to which the Bureau's Space Weather services meet user needs, especially those of significant user groups and high-impact users;

4. Assess the strategic outlook (over 5-10 years) for Space Weather services in Australian, regional and global settings and, in light of 1 to 3 above, provide advice on the capabilities required to meet the future challenges;

5. Comment on the potential for cost-recovery of Space Weather services;

6. Provide recommendations based on the above analyses, assessments and evaluations.

The WIA encourages radio amateurs to lodge a submission to the review, especially if they use IPS services, explaining how the free IPS service provided to Public Radio Users aids their communications activities.


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