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2014 News Releases




Special Event Station 4S7LGT Of The Radio Society Of Sri Lanka

Date : 16 / 08 / 2014
Author : Jaliya Lokeshwara - 4S7JL

The Radio Society of Sri Lanka will activate the Point Pedro Light House for the first time in the history of Amateur Radio in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). Point Pedro is the Northern most point of the island of Sri Lanka on the 16th and 17h of August 2014 for the International Light House event. Last year the RSSL operated from Dondra Head the Southern Most point in Sri Lanka and it is hoped to operate from Uduvil in the East Coast next year.
The RSSL team will look out for High Frequency worldwide contacts both on CW and Side Band. The RSSL wishes to thank the Ministry of Defense, Northern Navy Command and the TRCSL for granting us the required permission. A full report will follow after the event. QSL requests to P.O.Box 907 Colombo. SWL reports are also welcome.


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