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2014 News Releases




2014 Sydney To Hobart Yacht Race

Date : 23 / 12 / 2014
Author : Graham Kemp - VK4BB

The official race website is one of the most popular Australian sporting websites during the Christmas New Year holiday period and is your information portal for everything there is to know about the 628 nautical blue water classic.

You'll also be able to follow the event on twitter for race updates
and via Facebook

Yacht Tracker
By far the most visited page of the website is the Yacht Tracker page, which allows viewers to track the entire fleet or a particular boat from start to finish. Yacht Tracker uses a specifically designed tool that calculates the predicted results for each and every boat in the fleet, so you can see how each boat is performing.
Each yacht will be fitted with a Yellowbrick tracker that will obtain a position using the GPS satellite network, and then transmit that position back to Yellowbrick HQ using the Iridium satellite network.

All boats will have VHF - International Channels 16, 72, 73, 80 and 81 plus HF/SSB - 4483 kHz and 6516 kHz and such other frequencies as the Organising Authority may determine.

The radio relay vessel “JBW” will be available for radio checks on 26 December between 1130 hours and 1230 hours on race frequency 6516 kHz.

7PM - 7AM AEDT 4483 kHz
7AM - 7PM AEDT 6516 kHz

Daily position reports as follows:-
1905 hours on 26 December 2014 on 4483kHz
0005 on 27 December 2014 and on each subsequent day on 4483kHz 0735 and 1705 hours on each subsequent day on 6516kHz
and at other times as may be advised by “JBW”.
A boat subject to recall may be identified by the Principal Race Officer on VHF 72, TRANSMITTED APPROXIMATELY FIVE MINUTES AFTER THE START SIGNAL.

Boats will maintain a 24 hour listening watch for the duration of their race on VHF Channel 16.

Listening schedules will be conducted on 6516 kHz at 1205 each day from 27 December 2014 until 2 January 2015. Boats that have not reported in at the previous position report schedule will be called to make a position report. Weather reports may also be read during this listening schedule.

The Sailing Instructions require that boats report by radio when they are in the vicinity of Green Cape and make a declaration confirming their time of passing.

During the race, many boats are within sight of each other and crews listen closely to the information from the twice-daily radio position schedules. In more recent years, crews have been able to pin point the entire fleet's whereabouts and follow each boat's progress against their own using on board computers and Yacht Tracker on the official race website.

The coast radio network also broadcast navigation warnings as follows:
Coast Radio Melbourne 0857hrs, 1357hrs on 8176 kHz
Tasmanian Maritime 0903hrs, 2524, 4146, 6227 kHz and VHF CH 68

We have also had an unconfirmed report that audio could be streamed on

The above information is not to be taken as official but has been compiled from several well-meaning sources.


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