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Temporary Hitch With Licence Renewal Notices

Date : 12 / 02 / 2015
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

A number of amateurs discovered recently that their licence renewal notice from the ACMA had not arrived, as it had in previous years. Some clubs noticed the same thing with club station and repeater licences. It seems that licence renewals that fell due in December 2014, and perhaps early January 2015, may be affected. The WIA has learned from the ACMA that there was a 'hiccup' in their system for a short period over the end of last year and licence renewals were not issued, but that the problem has been corrected and it’s back to business as usual, now.

However, if, like many amateurs, you rely on getting your renewal notice in the mail, and you’re concerned you may have missed renewing your licence, take a look at your licence certificate on the wall of your shack. Or, is it in a drawer, somewhere? Towards the top right hand corner you will see the 'date of expiry'. This tells you when you need to renew. If the expiry date has passed, you have 60 calendar days in which to renew, otherwise your callsign becomes available for re-issue! If you haven’t reached the expiry date, you can renew early - but no more than three months ahead of time.

Can’t find your licence certificate? You can search the Register of Radiocommunications Licences on the ACMA website at this Link You can search for your own callsign on the Register and look up the date of expiry. While you’re there, write down your Client Number. You will need it. In the absence of a renewal notice, you can pay by calling the ACMA on 1300 850 115. You will be asked for your Client Number.

While I’m at it, let me lay to rest a myth about renewal notices – the legislation does not require the ACMA to issue renewal notices; they do so as a courtesy to clients. Aren’t they nice people? Under the legislation, as a licensee, it is your responsibility to renew your licence within time.

A bit rough, you think? You can always take it up with your member of parliament.


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