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Wanted ! New recruits across the entire demographic

Date : 13 / 02 / 2016
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

The Wireless Institute of Australia continues to seek recruits to Amateur Radio and its diverse activities across a broad range of ages and backgrounds. Recently, the 'Bring them Back' concept was raised by the WIA in response to the fact that lapsed radio amateurs, with a little encouragement, may return to the modern Amateur Radio, which offers so much more diversity than in the past. This follows a small avalanche of callsign recommendations being sought from the WIA over recent months by former licensees returning to the hobby.

These already-qualified people are an important part of the recruitment mix. The revival of 'lapsed' radio amateurs is an activity to keep in mind whenever the opportunity exists. However, the WIA and all those concerned with growing the ranks of radio amateurs, seek recruits across a very wide age range. This includes young people, adults, the employed or retirees, all of whom could make good, new radio amateurs.

Some recent examples include publicity across the Men’s Shed movement, in RSL newsletters, through community groups like Rotary and Lions, among the Grey Nomads touring their bucket list destinations, as well as through schools and professional associations.


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