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An Australian DIY satellite project

Date : 13 / 05 / 2016
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

In many countries the challenge of space exploration continues, and here in West Australia is what could be the start of a new satellite project. This can have a place in the era of innovation and the emerging STEAM activities at schools.

The OzQube-1 project is a tiny PocketQube satellite that is being built in a back shed, and has been on ABC radio and television, even its own website and Facebook page.
Building OzQube-1 is a challenge for its builder, Stewart McAndrew, but preparing for a low earth orbit by piggy-backing with others on a space launch costs money.

In his childhood he had an interest in finding out how things worked, built electronics kits, studied aviation and settled into a career in Information Technology. To make the OzQube-1 dream closer to reality, crowdfunding through a GoFundMe campaign is underway.

More details on OzQube-1 project are via URLs which are in the text edition of this broadcast.

SatMag article via this Link
Phys.Org article: Link
OzQube-1 blogspot: Link
Facebook: Link


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