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WIA Complimentary Reward Membership

Date : 13 / 01 / 2019
Author : WIA Board

As reported on the WIA National News broadcast the WIA Board has voted to provide a level of complimentary WIA reward membership to all operators who receive new qualifications.

During discussion on this matter the issue of "fairness" to those who have recently completed qualifications was robustly discussed with a further decision being taken to backdate this program from the first of January, 2018.

If you receive an AOCP (Foundation, Standard or Advanced) at any time since the first of January, 2018 and are not a member of the WIA you are eligible for a complimentary 1 year WIA membership.

If you are already a WIA member (now, or when you receive your qualification in the future) you are eligible to receive a 1 year membership extension or a $100 discount off a 5 year membership.

If this is you, or someone you know all that is needed is a completed WIA membership form and a copy of the relevant AOCP qualification showing the date of qualification being later than the 1 January 2018 email it to

The WIA office will aim to process your complimentary membership within 10 business days following their return in late January.

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