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ACMA Amateur Licence Fee Increases

Date : 07 / 04 / 2019
Author : ACMA

The ACMA undertakes annual reviews of licencing fees. The latest review (April 2019) has just been undertaken and amateur licence fees have increased.

The ACMA uses a system of apparatus licence types to apply common licence conditions to categories of radiocommunications services.

Amateurs use non-assigned apparatus licences. Non-assigned licences are issued when an individual frequency assignment is not required.

There are two types of fees applicable to apparatus licences:
1. administrative charges to recover the direct costs of spectrum management
2. annual taxes to recover the indirect costs of spectrum management and provide incentives for efficient spectrum use.

Indirect costs are those that cannot be directly attributed to individual licensees. These activities include international coordination and domestic planning and interference management.

The new fees applicable to the Amateur Service are:

A new licence fee is now $80 (was $76).

A licence variation fee is now $51 (was $49).

The licence renewal fee is now $55 (was $52).

Issuing a Repeater or Beacon Station Frequency Assignment Certificate is now $29 and variation of a Repeater or Beacon Station is now also $29.

For more detail take a look at the following ACMA Word Document: Link

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