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WIA supports additional DXCC Card Checker

Date : 26 / 03 / 2020
Author : Peter Clee - VK8ZZ

Australia will shortly have an additional ARRL DXCC Card checker.

Paul VK2HV made application to the ARRL for approval as an ARRL DXCC card checker.

Paul holds an existing DXCC 150 award and is a card checker for CQ.

Applications to the ARRL require the endorsement of the national body for amateur radio in the home country.

The Wireless Institute of Australia being the only IARU recognised national representative body for Amateur Radio in Australia are please to support Paul VK2HV with his nomination.

Now that the endorsement of the WIA has been supplied to the ARRL it is ready for final approval.

Once approved by the ARRL Australia will have four DXCC Card Checkers namely new appointee VK2HV, and the existing three card checkers VK5PAS, VK3HJ and VK7ZE.

Additional card checkers are always being sought especially in VK4, VK6 and VK8.

Congratulations Paul VK2HV on your nomination.

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