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Joint AMC Remote Exam

Date : 22 / 04 / 2020
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3DN

Monday night, April 20th was a historical moment for the WIA. The unique significance is that the two WIA members are both WIA Director Elects, Oscar Reys VK3TX and Lee Moyle VK3GK. They conducted Volunteer Examiners Australia Inc’s (VEA) first Australian Maritime College, (AMC) "online" Remote Amateur Radio Exam. Oscar and Lee are both AMC Level 3 assessors and authorized to conduct Remote assessments on behalf of AMC.

Oscar mentioned, "It was an extremely successful remote exam session and the candidate in Perth was ecstatic that he was able to sit his Amateur Radio exam remotely, given the current AMC restrictions imposed on person to person exam sessions.
The candidate sat his Foundation licence exam including the Practical and on completion, told us, very excitedly that he was already studying for his Standard Licence Upgradeā€¦..Good job."

"It is moments like these that make it all worth it, it is part of the personal reward for volunteering your time to help others achieve their goals." Lee stated.

WIA congratulates AMC for the introduction of the Online Remote Amateur exam accessibility as the current Covid restrictions having been enforced and restricting many people to be house bound, seemingly rekindling that desire to study and become a Radio Amateur. The ultimate in Social Distancing, now has potential candidates requesting copies if the WIA’s Foundation manual like never before, in fact in the last 21 days the WIA has had online orders of around 46 manuals. The result is many exam candidates are queuing up to sit their Amateur Radio Exam remotely as the numbers have been increasing over the last several weeks now. If you need a foundation manual, just jump online and order one from you local club or go to and select "WIA Bookshop" under the "For Members" drop down menu.

Remote ham radio exams are not anything new as Lee conducted the WIA's second remote exam session in October 2017 from Cocos Keeling Island when he was there during the VK9XI/ VK9CI DXpedition. Lee, along with the local candidate and with the second assessor, Ron VK2DQ, who was residing at home back in Australia. The exam back then was conducted using Skype just as it is currently being done with the new AMC procedure. In hindsight it seems the WIA were very advanced and forward thinking back then to be utilizing the current technology of the day to be advancing the hobby.

Lee has a long history with the WIA and the WIA Exam service as he is a 13 year WIA veteran assessor. Oscar has had extensive experience in training and examination services professionally and during his involvement in Amateur Radio. Both Oscar and Lee are Accredited AMC Level 3 Assessors which give them authorisation to conduct Remote online assessments and are also both approved ARRL Volunteer Examiners for USA licensing assessments administered locally in Australia, which are currently conducted in conjunction with Volunteer Examiners Australia Inc (VEA) who have exam teams around the country that have both ARRL VE’s and AMC approved Level 2 and 3 assessors among them..

See the VEA website at for more information on joining with VEA, for information on how to obtain both your Australian and your USA Amateur radio licence.

The WIA thank Oscar and Lee along with all the other volunteers who continually commit their time to the WIA, to local Radio Clubs and to Community Groups, as all these small contributions add up to bringing new people into the world of Amateur Radio.

Come join us on this fantastic journey and fascinating worldwide hobby of Amateur Radio.

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