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National 134GHz Record Smashed

Date : 16 / 07 / 2020
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3DN

The national 134GHz distance record has just been smashed, previously sitting at 3.8Km it is now 19Km.

The distance record attempt took place on the 11th June in Victoria during the break between Covid lockdowns.

The new record was achieved by Andrew VK3CV and Noel VK3NH between Sky high restaurant on Mt Dandenong and the base of the fire lookout tower at Kangaroo ground, a distance of 19 Kilometers, smashing the previous National 134GHz record of 3.8Km achieved by VK4CSD and VK4FB in December 2019.

The weather conditions were average, Mt Dandenong, 8 deg C, 80% RH , 1025 mB and Kangaroo Ground 7 deg C, 75% RH, 1025 mB.

Whilst Andrew located at Kangaroo Ground could see the Sky High site, Noel had no visibility of Kangaroo Ground due to the mist (as pictured above), so had to search in the general direction through a gap in between the trees until he heard his unit operating in beacon mode on CW. They then proceeded with a contact on FM mode. As with the 122GHz records again the equipment was designed and built by Andrew.

The equipment is a prototype for the next generation dual band 122G / 134G VK3CV system currently in development and using newer Silicon radar chips which will eventually cover both bands. These particular systems only cover the 134G band as the chips used are non-released engineering prototypes.

Distance records are kept on the WIA Website under the 'For Members' menu select 'VHF UHF Records' for both general information and to view the distance records. Or click this Link

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