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Site damage reported at Mt. Cann/Mt. Bemm (Victoria)

Date : 15 / 08 / 2020
Author : Greg Kelly VK2GPK - WIA President

To: Gregory Kelly, President, Wireless Institute of Australia (via e-mail)
Subject: Site damage reported at Mt. Cann/Mt. Bemm (Victoria)
Date: 14 August 2020

Dear Greg,

This is a courtesy e-mail regarding recent break-ins and thefts at a Victorian radio site at Mt. Cann (also known as Mt. Bemm). WIA is a licensee at the Mt. Cann/Mt. Bemm site (ACMA Site ID: 12093).

I’ve been asked by a representative of Kordia Pty Ltd, to let WIA know that Kordia’s marine VHF radio facilities at Mt. Cann/Mt. Bemm on the eastern Victorian coast, were the victim of a break-in a few weeks ago, and again in the last few days. In the first incident, some 10 batteries (weighing 62 kg each) were stolen from the battery hut. The thieves returned and stole the remaining 38 batteries, despite increased security measures being implemented in the meantime. Police attended on both occasions. The thieves damaged fences, gates and smashed and cut their way into the battery hut. Additional security measures are being implemented. The solar panel installation however, was undamaged, as was the separate radio equipment hut.

The 48 batteries stolen were NARADA REX-800 (800 Ah 2 V), weighing 62 kg each.

Kordia built, maintains and operates Victoria’s Marine Distress and Emergency Monitoring Service (known as Marine Radio Victoria) for the Victorian Government. It consists of nine coastal marine VHF sites providing coverage along the entire Victorian coast (remotely controlled from Canberra). Kordia’s facilities are co-located there under ACMA Site ID: 41840 (which is adjacent to the other ACMA Site ID).

Noting the amateur equipment there, it may be useful to advise those directly involved with maintaining the amateur equipment there are aware that criminal activity has occurred in the area recently.

Best Regards,



Peter A. Pokorny

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